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About Us

Mueller Furniture has been a stalwart in Belleville since John "honest John" Mueller founded the store in 1927. John was the kind of businessman the people needed back then.

During the depression era he would always tell people "dont worry, pay me what you can. When its payed off its payed off, but don't go and buy junk!"

His son Les remembers going to collect for John, he'd get $5, $10, sometimes they'd say "sorry we dont have anything this week." People were struggling to make ends meet and they appreciated his kindness and repayed him with their loyalty. This is the kind of personal service is what we strive to preserve in the era of big barn stores that offer either no help at all or way too pushy sales people.

After John died in 1952, His oldest son Roland and his son Les ran the business. Roland passed away in 1960 at the age of 50 leaving Les and his wife Peggy to keep the store going. Les retired in 1976 and his youngest son and current owner Lynwood Mueller began buying the business. Shortly thereafter the store caught on fire leaving the second floor beyond repair and much of the merchandise damaged.

Lynwood picked up the pieces and began rehabbing the store. In recent years, the store has been revitalized by our updated styling, experienced staff, additional floorspace and indoor and outdoor remodeling.

Mueller's is seeing its best years in history and with the expansion of Belleville southward, a revitalized Main Street and the growing surrounding Illinois communities we are optimistic about our future. Come and see what all the new buzz is about!