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Customer Reviews

Below are reviews compiled from online review sites like Google Maps. It's comments from our customers that help us to improve our business everyday. Thanks for your feedback!

Nancy B. in Belleville, IL

For 83 years we have served Belleville, St. Clair County, and now the entire St. Louis Area with quality home furniture. Here's what some of our customers have to say about how we are doing. "I love your furniture. I loved it in the past and I love it now."

Cyndi B. in Caseyville, IL

"The excellent customer service is the most important to me. If there are any problems with the merchandise, the Mueller's always take care of the issue efficiently"

Beth R. in Swansea, IL

"Delivery is always quick and easy."
"When they delivered my sons bed, the delivery guy even drilled the holes in the existing headboard so it would fit right on our frame"

Brian W. in Edwardsville, IL

"Arrived early for the delivery. The most experienced delivery engineers:) The price of the product was also one of the important benefits."

Leonard F. in Fairview Heighs, IL

"Quality, and good service. The delivery guys Jeff and Charlie were very professional and pleasant." I know I can trust Mueller Furniture as a company"

Betty B. in Nashville, IL

"Good personal service and no high pressure salesmen. The most important benefit I got was the ability to choose my fabric seperately from a large selection."

Barbara Lebanon, IL

"Well established business"

Clarence K. in Belleville, IL

"First time I came to Mueller Furniture was right after WWII with my sister. I was looking to buy a dining table and Mr. Mueller (founder John Mueller) told me to come back in a few months and we would have our good furniture back in after the War Rashions would end. He said right now the quality of the wood was not as good as what it would be in the near future. I really appreciated his honesty."