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Shop Mattresses at the Sleep Sanctuary in Mueller Furniture

sleep sanctuary

Here at the Sleep Sanctuary, we’ve created a store within a store. It’s a relaxed atmosphere in a separate area in our store that lets you shop for your new mattress in a comfortable and private manner. We offer the best selection of mattresses, adjustable bases and bedding in the St. Louis area and carry top brands including Tempur-Pedic, Serta iComfort, Spring Air, and Bemco Mattresses so you are sure to find the perfect mattress to fit your sleep style and budget.

Our sleep specialists are here to fit you for the perfect mattress for your lifestyle and sleep style. Come visit our Sleep Sanctuary inside Mueller Furniture in Belleville, IL or schedule an appointment online today to get started.

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What is your Sleep Style?

Side Sleeper
Back Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper
Combination Sleeper
Mattresses for Couples

Side Sleeper is the most common sleep style. As a side sleeper you should look for a mattress that doesn't add much stress on your shoulders and hips. Generally a medium-soft mattress is a good choice for a side sleeper. The soft mattress will allow you sink, relieving stress on the key body parts and accomodating the body's natural curve.

Back Sleepers need to worry about lower back support in a mattress. Generally you will want to avoid stiff springs due to the push against the spine and not providing the correct support and a mattress too soft will not give the support you will need. A medium-firm mattress is what you will probably be looking at.

Stomach Sleepers will require a firmer and stiffer mattress so the body doesn't sink. A soft mattress will let the body sink unaligning the spine and causing discomfort in the lower back. If you are a stomach sleeper, you may be suffering from lower back pain which prompts you to sleep in a style where spine alignment is at a minimum.

Combination Sleeper is where most people will fall into this sleep style category. Since you have to accomodate all the sleep styles you will want to find a mattress that suits all your sleep style needs. You won't want a mattress too soft when sleeping on your stomach and you won't want one too stiff for side sleeping.

Choosing the best Couples Mattress can be quite difficult since the taste in mattress type can differ. Since two people can differ so much in weight, body shape, and sleep position it is nearly impossible to find the one best mattress and can often cause one person to compromise or sleep apart.

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