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The St. Louis Sleep Sanctuary

The Sleep Sanctuary Located inside Mueller Furniture. The Best Mattress store in the St. Louis area

The Sleep Sanctuary Mattress Gallery is the best place to shop for Tempur-Pedic Mattresses in the St. Louis Area. We have 8 different Tempur-Pedic mattresses on display, including the Complete Tempur-Pedic Cloud Collection, featuring The Cloud Luxe, The Cloud Supreme, and the Cloud mattress. The complete Tempur-Pedic High Density Collection, featuring the Rhapsody, The Alura, and the Grand mattress. At the Sleep Sanctuary, we’ve created a store within a store. It’s a relaxed atmosphere in a separate area in our store that lets you shop for your new mattress in a comfortable and private manner.

The Best Place to Shop for Adjustable Beds in the St.Louis area is the Sleep Sanctuary at Mueller Furniture

The Sleep Sanctuary is the best mattress store in the St. Louis area to shop for Adjustable beds, or power foundations as they are called now. Adjustable beds are great for people who often use their laptops in bed to do work or watch YouTube Videos or if you watch movies or read books. Adjustable beds also offer many health benefits that a flat bed cannot.

Four Benefits an adjustable bed has over a Traditional Mattress:

  1. After a long day on your feet, elevate your feet above your heart 10-15 minutes. This can be a good time to read a book or magazine article that you haven’t had time for or to make a few phone calls and catch up with friends or relatives. Elevating your feet promotes circulation and can reduce swelling in your feet and ankles.
  2. Keep your feet elevated and then elevate the head of your bed. This creates a “Zero Gravity” position that takes all of the weight off your lower spine. If you suffer from back pain, spending 10-15 minutes per day in this position is a great way to relax and take pressure off your lower back. People who sleep on their backs enjoy falling asleep in this position.
  3. If you enjoy watching TV or movies in bed, you can fix a custom position that keeps you from having to constantly prop up pillows to support your head and back. Get your body in the correct alignment and stop all of those headaches from straining your neck with the Advanced Ergo System from Tempur-Pedic.
  4. If you have Wi-Fi and you tend to use your laptop in bed, or if you prefer an old fashion book, then the Tempur-Pedic Advanced Ergo system will be a wonderful investment. You can even hit the Wave Massage button and enjoy reading a book, or surfing the internet and get a massage at the same time. It’s great for promoting circulation and relaxation.