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Adjustable Base Buying Guide

The adjustable bed is a place where the bedroom, living room, and office converge and create a space that caters to sleeping well, lounging, reading, watching TV, and working. Prior to adjustable foundations, a mattress set was a mattress that laid on a flat foundation and made it difficult for anything other than sleeping. Today, adjustable bases can create a transformative shift in your lifestyle as well as your health.

man and woman laying on mattress on an adjustable base

The New Bedroom

Reading, watching TV, and using the computer have all taken place in the bed for quite some time. It’s nothing new, but the adjustable base makes it easier and more convenient to do those things.

woman sleeping on a pillow with a grey and white case


Adjustable base positions will improve your quality of sleep, better preparing you for the day ahead

woman working on laptop on bed


Using your laptop in bed and getting work done has never been easier. Adjustable bases make finding that perfect position a breeze

woman and man laying on mattress


Being able to get in to that perfect position makes reading and watching TV in bed more relaxing than ever

A Healthier You

Even if the bed isn’t used for work or watching television, an adjustable base can improve the quality of sleep. Adjustable bases have been shown to decrease pressure, ease pain, and improve circulation, which can help reduce tossing, turning, and snoring.

diagram of head raised

Raise Your Head to Help:

Alleviate Heartburn and Acid Reflux and Improve Asthma/Breathing Related Problems

diagram of legs raised

Raise Your Legs to Help:

Improve Circulation Throughout Body

diagram of head and legs raised

Raise Both Head and Legs to Help:

Reduce Lower Back Pain

How to Shop For an Adjustable Base

  1. Make sure to choose your mattress BEFORE the base. Memory Foam and Latex work best, so if you don't own one already, it's a good idea to shop for both together.

  2. As opposed to other pieces of furniture, adjustable bases are machines; most of what you shop for you can't see, so know your warranty.

  3. Adjustable bases are complex and heavy pieces of furniture. Make sure to consult your salesperson regarding delivery and installation before jumping right in.

Features to Look For


Wired vs. Wireless Remotes

Wired will ensure you don't lose your remote. Wireless will give you greater flexibility.



Some bases provide massage capabilities, so you can relieve stress and muscle pain.


USB Ports

Charge your devices straight from your adjustable base with built-in USB ports.


Zero Gravity

The zero gravity position reclines and raises your legs to a position much like astronauts during take off. This reduces stress on the spine and other parts of the body.


Wall-Hugging Capabilities

Look for this if you don't have much space in your bedroom. It allows the bed to recline closer to the wall.


Programmable Memory Positions

If you love a specific position, programmable memory will make it much easier to get back into it.