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Bemco at Mueller Furniture

Bemco has a long history of quality. Incorporated as Bedding Manufacturers Associates in 1956, the Bemco licensing group:

- Holds over 30 trademarks and patents in the United States alone

- Patented the first pillow-top mattress in 1961. It remains one of the country's most popular mattress types

- Introduced the industry's first health oriented Posture bedding product in 1977

- Created the first mattress designed specifically for athletes in 1987

Bemco manufactures products in four locations including:

- Dunn, North Carolina
- Meridian, Mississippi
- Springfield, Illinois
- Syracuse, New York

We also have overseas plants in Seoul, South Korea, Taipei, Taiwan and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Throughout our history, wherever we manufacture, Bemco's goal is to provide you with hand-crafted mattresses which provide maximum comfort and help you enjoy healthy sleep!