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Spring Air at Mueller Furniture

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Since 1926, Spring Air has been widely recognized for its innovative mattresses and sleep sets.
• Francis Karr, who founded the company, was himself a visionary. His free-end offset coil design, which adjusts to each sleeper's weight, is now the most copied design in the bedding industry.
• In the late 1940s, the company introduced button-free technology, quilted surfaces and extra-supportive bedding materials.
• In 1953, Spring Air began producing its "Health Center" mattress which featured zones for different areas of the body.
• The Pillow Top mattress was introduced by Spring Air in 1973.
• With 4 billion dollars worth of Spring Air sleep sets sold at retail over the past 10 years, Spring Air has stayed true to quality, innovative design and value.
• Today, Spring Air has 13 domestic factories and 22 international licensees that operate in 32 countries worldwide.

Today, the company offers Traditional Mattress Products and Specialty Sleep Products.

Traditional Mattress Products - Using only the finest innerspring technology, these sleep sets deliver unmatched value and performance. With over 80 years of patented and proven design innovation, find out why Spring Air is still providing the ultimate in quality rest for millions of people.

Specialty Sleep Products - With a creative vision founded in superior craftmanship, Spring Air has put their passion into a line of specialty sleep products that redefines what a great sleep experience can be. From natural latex, to gel and memory foam, learn more about what goes into our specialty sleep lines.

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